The resources below are related to Dr. John Fuder's Neighborhood Mapping. They contain additional ethnographies and surveys that can be used for your own neighborhood mapping and analysis. Feel free to share the resources with others or edit them as needed!

Example Ethnographies

Ethnography - Anna                                                

Ethnography - Han

Ethnography - Jon                                                   

Ethnography - Keith

Ethnography - Larry                                 

Ethnography - Maria

Ethnography - Rusty                                   

Ethnography - Sam

Additional Surveys

Church Survey                                           

College Campus Survey

Physical Needs Survey                     

Suburban Neighborhood Survey

Teenagers Readiness Survey

Individual Case Studies

Asia Pacific Region                                        

Church Planting in Czech Republic

Latino Community                                    

Mobilizing Youth to Study/Serve

Multi-ethnic Church Plant                             

Multi-site Campus Church

Partnering with Local School                

Racially Changing Neighborhood

Suburban Church with Local Need

Study Guides

College Ministry Study Guide                     

Individual Study Guide 

Sermon Guide                                             

Small Group Study Guide

Sunday School Leader Study Guide