Take a tour. Step on and off the bus. Move in and around to see these people’s lives. Ask God to shake you up and toss you out- out into a reality where most of humanity lives. Our city- Chicago- desperately needs Christ. Yours does too. How about getting on the bus?
— Dr. Michael Easley, Former President MBI

Heart for the City Bus Tours are a product of nearly twenty years of building relationships with ministries and neighborhoods all over the city of Chicago. Join Doc Fuder as his teaching allows you to experience the rich history, culture and diversity of Chicago through a Biblical lens, and grow your heart for the city by engaging first-hand with the seventy-seven neighborhoods in Chicago. Expect the following:

  • Praying for specific areas of need in each community
  • Reading Scripture correlating with the brokenness experienced
  • Praising God through song, worshiping Him as we see what He has already accomplished
  • Visiting significant places of Chicago's history and God's work in the city
  • Sharing stories about faithful servants of God, past and present, in Chicago

Stops on the bus include:

  • Cabrini Green- Historically known as an under-resourced community. Learn about how it has experienced much gentrification.
  • Ukrainian Village- Has the largest historic Polish Catholic Community. See the beautiful Catholic Cathedrals.
  • Little India- A largely Hindu and Muslim community with rich culture to be seen and experienced.
  • Boys Town- Largely known for its large nontraditional households and many clubs in the area.
  • The Original Sears Headquarters- Spans over several blocks and is now completely abandoned. What happens when resources leave a community?
  • Little Village (La Villita)- Largest Mexican American community in the Midwest. Come see the rich culture in this community.
  • Cook County Jail/Juvenile Detention Center- Come on the bus for an opportunity to pray for thousands of men, women and youth.
  • Chinatown- Home to the rich culture and community of over 20,000 Chinese in Chicago.
  • Bronzeville- Home to the Nation of Islam headquarters, Operation PUSH, and historic roots of jazz and blues.

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