How does an Engage Weekend apply to suburban life? To rural life?

We have a heart for suburban and rural communities too! Doc Fuder uses the teaching curriculum from his book, Neighborhood Mapping: How to Make your Church Invaluable to the Community to instruct Engage Weekends. The heart behind this teaching is to help churches and ministries better understand the unmet needs of their communities, whether this is an urban, suburban or rural community. The weekend teaching offers the audience Bible-based practical strategies that stir the heart to engage with their community.

How can I support Heart for the City?

You can be a part of the work that Heart for the City is doing in a number of ways. To support Heart for the City financially, visit the give page. You can also be a part of the ministry by booking Dr. Fuder for a speaking engagement, Engage Weekend, or seeing if a bus tour would be great first step for your church!

Are there opportunities for my church to have hands-on experience in Chicago?

A first great step to 'get your hands dirty' in ministry in Chicago is through an Urban Plunge or Bus Tour. Get to know what God is doing in the city and the history of brokenness and restoration in Heart for the City's own back yard. Click here to learn about bus tours or click here to learn about urban plunges.

How do I register for an Engage Weekend?

Click here.

How do I book Dr. Fuder a speaking engagement?

Click here.

How do I book a bus tour?

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